Real Estate


At Kotten Law Firm real estate documents are prepared on a flat fee basis.

Statutory Short Form Power Of Attorney $25
Revocation of Power of Attorney $25
Affidavit of Attorney-in-Fact $25
Warranty Deed $50
Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed $50
Limited Warranty Deed $50
Quit Claim Deed $50
Joint Tenancy Quit Claim Deed $50
Trustee’s Deed $50
Certificate of Trust $25
Affidavit of Trustee $25
Personal Representative’s Deed of Sale $50
Conservator’s Deed $50
Transfer on Death Deed $50
Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed $25
Clearance Certificate for Public/Medical Assistance $50
Affidavit of Identity and Survivorship for Transfer on Death Deed $25
Mortgage $150
Assignment of Mortgage $50
Satisfaction of Mortgage $50
Partial Release of Mortgage $50
Subordination Agreement $50-$100
Contract for Deed $175
Contract for Deed Addendum $50
Assignment of Contract for Deed $50
Notice of Cancellation of Contract for Deed $500
Mechanic’s Lien Statement $150
Affidavit Regarding Purchaser $25
Affidavit Regarding Seller $25
Affidavit of Identity and Survivorship $50
Release of Land from Lien in Marriage Dissolution (Divorce) Judgment and Decree $50
Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment $100-$200
Certificate of Real Estate Value $25
Purchase Agreement $200 

Please see the link bellow for frequently asked questions about residential real estate transactions.