Kotten Law Firm handles all matters regarding criminal defense from simple traffic violations to violence offenses to sexual offenses.

Kotten Law Firm has a great reputation in handling criminal matters and here is some feedback from happy clients:


A great Lawyer!

He was a great attorney. He was very knowledgeable and presented our case with such class. He is a very sharp lawyer and will be able to give the best quality of lawyer services available. Our case was a very sensitive and complicated case and he did an exceptional job for us. Stephanie and David

Great Consultation

Mr. Kotten gave me a great representation on what to do for a criminal matter I had from an incident in Sleepy Eye, I ended up with just a small fine and no criminal conviction. He gave me confidence and put me at ease. I have recommended him to my friends and they are happy with him as well. – Mr. Gayton

Best Representation I’ve Had!!

Thanks for representing me on my moments of need it was a great representation and a lot of release off my shoulders. I’m thankful there is good lawyers out there like yourself.

He made me feel like a friend being a represented instead of a client which was really comfortable. – Greggie Beatz

Outstanding, successful, honest, trusting lawyer!!! Highly recommend!

Glen is open, honest, trustworthy, flexible, dependable, and motivated to work hard. He has excellent communication skills. He makes you feel comfortable to share issues with him and he does not make you feel intimated. He is focus on helping you instead of $. I highly recommend this lawyer to help with any legal issues! Good Job Glen!- Jill

Disordley Conduct representation

Glen did an awesome job representing me in court for my disorderly conduct charge, which he was able to get dismissed. not only did he do a great job and spent countless time and effort into my case, answered my phone calls, responded to emails, voicemails and answered legal questions that were for other cases, he went above and beyond what was expected of him. He also helped another individual get his charges dropped that was involved but being represented by another attorney. Glen definately knows his stuff and i would definately use him again and recomend him to anyone i know. – Josh

Probation violation

I worked at an ethanol plant and I hired Glen to help me research the egt test that I had failed for probation !! Glen was very helpful in assuring me of the test and how incidental exposure can come from many different things we use every day , I was facing 210 days in jail and Glen came through for me by presenting such good evidence that I did not even have to go to court he was a huge help for me and my family!!!!! – Josh

Knowledgeable attorney

I was very impressed with Mr. Kotten’s overall service. Mr. Kotten represented my interests in two different matters with the Department of Natural Resources. Mr. Kotten made sure to keep me informed about the progress of my cases, and he addressed all of my questions and concerns in a prompt and timely manner. In my opinion, Mr. Kotten is a strong advocate, and is willing go above and beyond to ensure he has represented a case as thoroughly as possible. – John